Our Principles

Professional standards of excellence integrated with timeless Biblical Wisdom

CFP Standards of Excellence:

  • Integrity – Trust is central to a successful financial planning relationship. You rely on your planner’s honesty, professionalism and abilities to achieve your goals.
  • Objective Advice – Your needs will be at the heart of all your planner’s recommendations.
  • Competence – The CFP certification provides confidence that your financial planner has completed rigorous education and experience requirements.
  • Fair Treatment – Fair treatment means your CFP professional will clearly state what will be provided and at what cost. Your planner will also explain the risks associated with all financial recommendations.
  • Privacy – Your CFP professional will keep all personal and financial information in confidence, only sharing it to conduct business on your behalf, at your consent or when ordered to do so by a court of law.
  • Professionalism – Your CFP professional will not provide investment advice or stock brokerage service unless he/she is properly qualified and licensed to do so, as required by state or federal law.
  • Diligence – Before engaging you as a client, your CFP professional will discuss your goals and objectives and explain what you can expect from the relationship. A diligent planner will investigate the products or services recommended to you, and closely supervise any staff working with you.