About Us

In 1987, after retiring from a successful financial advisory career, Randall Sanada opened a new office to manage the Sanada family’s holdings. It was not long before other individuals, families, and businesses wished to invest alongside an accomplished advisor and his family. They were drawn by a strong value proposition: an advisor recommending investment strategies that he himself invests in, and as a result of addressing the conflicts of interest that plagued the financial services industry, he aligned client and advisor to a common purpose. This simple, yet fundamental, premise allowed clients invaluable access to an advisor within a relationship based on trust and confidence.

In 1990, Alliance Advisory & Securities, Inc. was created through the purchase of a Registered Investment Advisor. Soon after, other successful advisors began to embrace the concept of investing alongside their clients, and they joined the firm. In the early ‘90s the second generation of the Sanada family joined the firm. Around that time, the firm supplemented its initial value proposition by investing with clients in alternative investments to further create new wealth. Clients were now able to diversify their holdings by purchasing interests in business enterprises, apartment buildings, shopping malls, and storage complexes in addition to investing in more traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds.

In the late ‘90s, Alliance once again expanded its service offering by helping clients with the stewardship, preservation, and transition of wealth. Alliance partnered with others to create a federally chartered bank and trust company.